African Wedding Ceremony

Opus Tours is an expert in facilitating romantic wedding celebrations and we can stage the ultimate safari wedding in Africa. Our experience in organizing imaginative and memorable weddings has equipped us to make your perfect day a reality.

With its striking, natural landscapes, emotive sights and sounds, and dramatic skies, Africa is the perfect setting for a wedding. Couples can exchange barefoot vows on a deserted island beach off the coast of Zanzibar. Guests can raise champagne flutes to toast the bride and groom on a rocky outcrop overlooking a spectacular mountain range.

We meticulously plan and personalize these treasured occasions, allowing bridal couples to relax and soak up every moment. Be it a small, intimate wedding or a larger ceremony, beyond attention to detail Opus Tours will ensure a perfect experience that exceeds all your expectations. We pride ourselves on the personal attention, imaginative surprises and charming African touches with which we treat our wedding couples.
We offer:

  • An expert wedding consultant to arrange a attractive and elegant safari wedding
  • Personalized planning and attention to detail
  • Imaginative surprises
  • Charming African touches
  • Limitless choice of romantic locations
  • Supervision to manage the entire event
  • We can arrange with a local magistrate to perform a non-religious ceremony
  • An African wedding banquet like no other
  • Gospel or traditional choirs, drumming and dancing performed by local communities add drama to the celebrations
  • Menus, flowers, table-settings and sumptuous cakes with a safari influence
  • Private honeymoon breakfasts and dinners
  • Personalized room gifts for you and your guests