Family Safari

It is safe, fun and rewarding to travel with children to Africa’s natural places. Family safaris allow parents to experience the look of wonder and excitement on their children’s faces as they lay eyes on a lion or hippos for the first time or make new friends in an African countryside.

Many lodges, hotels or private homes offer a host of fascinating and entertaining activities for children from as young as five, bringing alive the magic of safari. Every minute i supervised by rangers and our staff, who provide hours of amusement and invaluable information to the children in their care.

Our specially designed children’s safari programs teach children to appreciate and preserve our planet. The children receive a unique gift that will remind them how to protect our planet’s precious natural resources in a fun, interactive way. Our guides help s children to collect pods, feathers, bugs and leaves, and teach them to identify various animal species.

The program offers:

  • The luxury of memorable times spent as a family
  • Family friendly accommodation
  • Natural wonders for children to discover, from the famous Big Five to the not so famous Little Five
  • Invest in your children by teaching them about the diversity of nature and how to take care of our planet
  • Share the wonder and excitement as your children see their first wild animals
  • Africa is the ideal playground – introduce your children to the wonders of the great outdoors
  • Adventures such as bug collecting, bark rubbing and learning to track keep children occupied for hours