Welcome to Tanzania “The Land of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar”

Tanzania fulfills all your dreams and imagination about Africa. Tanzania, before known as Tanganyika lies five degree below equator on Indian Ocean cost in East Africa. It is country of magic natural scenaries – from savanna, mountains and tropical forests also the biggest lakes of Africa (Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa) as well as the highest mountain in Africa Kilimanjaro (5895m). You will also have an opportunity to visit Olduvai godge, a place where the oldest remains of human being were found. Wonderful vacation full of nice and unforgettable experiences is offered to you by OPUS Tours. Reliable and tested guides to the national parks and other interesting places will make your dreams about real vacation realistic. You can choose to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Meru or Oldonyo Lengai, enjoy sun bath in beaches of Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar (the spice island), including visiting Prison Island, were slaves were imprisoned before been shipped abroad or you can swim with dolphins in southern Zanzibar or in the one of the best beaches in the world that are full of corals. You can choose your vacation from one of our wide programs, which include from three days to one month scheduled vacation, during which you will enjoy spending your nights in three to five stars hotels and lodges or experience the nature by staying in camps which are professionally run by the national parks authority. You can fly to Tanzania from any major airport in USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

OPUS TOURS is a leading specialist safari and vacations company in Tanzania and focus on your needs and satisfaction during your stay. We always offer our clients Safaris in Tanzania at competitive rates. Your package is usually prepared with consideration to what you would like to see or do. Wonderful vacation full of superb and unforgettable experience is our duty. We constantly pay special attention to your interests, whether it is beach vacation in Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro trekking or watching the migration of the wildebeest in Serengeti.

Opus is making conscious effort to diversify in an effort to address the environmental problems and has a serious commitment to protecting the fragile ecosystems. Apart from placing high priority on environmental protection, it collaborates with and assists local communities by putting some portion of profits back into local communities, especially in education and health sector. Our activities are commercial, environmental and social related issue and we don’t focus on mare lip service, but on real actions.

Major Airports

Tanzania is served by several international airlines such as British Airways, Gulf Air, Egypt Air, Kenya Airways, Royal Dutch Airlines and Emirates. There are 3 main airports in Tanzania, namely Dar es Salaam International Airport – DAR; Kilimanjaro International Airport – JRO and Zanzibar International Airport – ZNZ.

Airport Departure Tax

Tanzania airport authority charges some taxes for travelers going through the airport. The departure tax, which is charged per person, may already be included in your ticket. The smaller local airports and airstrips may also charge a service that applies to the domestic local routes in Tanzania. Please check the amounts at the time of booking.


Tanzania captures the very essence of the Africa continent and distills it into one of natural riches and cultural wealth. A country of superlatives, Tanzania is home to Africas highest mountains (Kilimanjaro, Meru, Oldonyo Lengai), one of the deepest lakes in the world (Tanganyika), beautiful soft white sand beaches, fertile coral reefs, primate rich virgin tropical rainforests and rolling savannah. It is also home to some of Africa’s best national parks such as the spectacular Serengeti, the vast and virgin Selous and the magical Ngorongoro Crater. Wildebeest migration observation in the Serengeti is an unforgettable experience and one should not miss this chance while already in Tanzania. With more than 125 distinct ethnic groups, the country is virtually a cultural melting pot.

Banking system

Tanzania has a modern banking system, especially in the major towns. Some of the international banks that are found in Tanzania include Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Exim bank, Stanbic Bank, etc. Most banks open from 08:30 hours till 15:00 hours from Monday to Friday and from 08:30 hours to 13:00 hours on Saturdays. Visa and Mastercard holders can access money through the major banks and their Automatic Teller Machines in most major towns.


The climate of Tanzania varies depending on the altitude. The lower areas along the coast and the Islands enjoy a tropical climate. The other areas enjoy temperate climates. The climate is tropical on the Selous National Park and it is temperate in the other national parks. The hottest period is October to mid-March while the coolest is June to September. However, it is generally always hot and the range of temperatures is fairly limited. Temperatures are between 250C and 300C on the coast and between 220C and 27 0C in the north on average. The heavy rains fall from March till May and there are lighter rains around November.
There are two seasons of rain in Tanzania: the long rainy period (monsoon) which runs from late March until June and a short rainy period, which runs from November until mid January. The long rains fall in heavy downpours, often accompanied by violent storms. The short rains tend to be much less severe.

Clothing for Travel

Travelers to Tanzania who are on a safari going to different regions of the country are advised to pack clothing that will allow them dress in layers. This is an effective way of handling the varied temperatures in the different regions. For travel to Tanzania, some of the clothing items to consider packing include casual, light cotton cloths, comfortable walking shoes, swimming suites and T-shirts. Some safari lodges, clubs and even some restaurants prescribe a dressing code for dinner, requiring diners to wear formal – gentlemen to wear Jacket. Jeans, T-shirts and sports shoes may not be allowed.


Tanzania has a large population of Muslims, especially along the coastal towns and even inland. Travelers are advised to show respect to the locals by wearing conservative clothing. Ladies should not wear clothes that are too revealing or too tight. Please keep in mind that you are entering a different country with strong religious customs. Always consult the guide on local habits and customs.
The protection of culture and wildlife is every ones concern. While on safari do not collect or buy bones, feathers, horns, shells, skins or teeth.

Use of Credit Cards

Credit cards are slowly gaining acceptance in Tanzania though they are not widely accepted beyond the major towns and large hotels and lodges. Establishments that accept cards will clearly display signs of the cards they accept.

Local Currency

The official currency is the Tanzania Shilling (Tshs) which is divided into 100 cents.
Bank notes currently available are Tshs10,000, Tshs5,000, Tshs2,000 Tshs1,000, and Tshs500.

Visa and Passport Requirements

When you want to travel to Tanzania, your passport must be valid until 3 months after your anticipated travel in Tanzania. You must have a blank page for each country you will visit. Most visitors require visas with the exception of citizens of certain countries of the Commonwealth. It is advisable to obtain visas in advance, from Embassies and High Commissions as several airlines insist on them prior to departure. They can also be obtained on arrival at Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar international airports and at the Namanga Gate on the Tanzania/Kenya border.

These regulations may vary depending on nationality and country of origin, and requirements may change. Contact the appropriate Tanzanian diplomatic or consular authority or tourist office before finalizing your travel arrangements.

Customs and Excise regulations

Travelers are allowed to import, on a temporary basis, personal effects like camera and laptop. However, professional photography and video equipment, musical instruments, video and CDs or DVDs will require a custom bond to ensure they are re-exported after the trip.

Customs officials at the entry point – airport or border point, will inspect baggage both on arrival and departure. To bring along fireman, a special permit, which must be processed and obtained in advance, is mandatory.

Food and Drinking Water

In Tanzania food is usually well prepared, vegetables are generally served cooked, and most fruit is of the peelable variety. Do not drink direct from the tap. Bottled water is always available for purchase in most parts of Tanzania. If you travel on a safari, the travel agency will always provide you with bottled water. Also the hotels and lodges provide bottled water in the rooms. You can always purchase additional water from the shops nearby.

Driving / Road Travel

The country has a good but scanty road network. Most of the major towns are connected by road and several bus services operate between the towns. Driving in Tanzania is on the LEFT side. Always give way to vehicles approaching from the right. You must always wear your seat-belt, whether you are driving or just a passenger in the vehicle. It is illegal to use the cellular phone while the vehicle is in motion.

Electricity Standards

The voltage is 240 volts AC and plugs used are three square pins. It might be a good idea to travel with an adaptor although some hotels and lodges will provide if you ask.

For safari travelers in Tanzania, take note that most lodges in the national parks or outside of major towns use generators and this means electricity may be switched off at night. You are expected to use flashlights or candles then.

Some hotels do not have sockets in the rooms. The guide or the hotel personnel can arrange for the charging of your video/camera batteries or mobile phones.

Foreign Exchange

It is illegal to export or import Tanzania currency. For travelers, it is important to note that the major world currencies – the US dollar and the Euro are accepted and can be easily converted at banks and foreign exchange bureaus that are mostly found in the major towns and which generally give better rates than hotels and most banks.

Medical Facilities

Tanzania’s medical facilities can not be compared to most developed countries standards. By regional standards, the medical facilities fare well. The better medical facilities are found in the major towns. Malaria occurs below 1800 meters and you should use the recommended prophylactics. Please consult your doctor about these before starting your trip. Larium is very popular, but should be taken with care. Known side effects may lessen your chances of success on the mountain. Currently, other medication is also available which will be effective against the malaria strains currently found in Tanzania. Woman using oral contraceptives should consult their physicians before using prophylactics. The best way to prevent contracting Malaria for the duration of your Tanzania vacations tour, is to try and avoid mosquito bites by using an insect repellent, by sleeping under mosquito nets and to wear proper clothing after sunset. Sunglasses with good sun protection filters and sunbath cream with required factor are highly recommended.

Visitors to Tanzania who require special medication are advised to pack sufficient supplies in their hand luggage.

Travel Insurance

Travelers to Tanzania are strongly advised to consider buying insurance which should cover baggage as well as personal accident and medical insurance in case they are not covered by another insurance. However, hospital treatment costs very little in Tanzania compared to what you pay in developed countries. The treatment only covers costs of doctor consultation or examination and does not cover any cost of medication.


The official languages for Tanzania are English and Kiswahili. Kiswahili is the language of instruction in primary schools and is widely spoken throughout the country. English is the second official language as well as the commercial language. It is also the main teaching language in secondary schools and higher education institutions.

Mountain Climbing

No special mountaineering skills are necessary for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro but, due to the high altitudes involved, the climb should not be undertaken unless climbers are fit and well-exercised. Climbers should have a physical check-up and start a fitness training program at least 1 month before the safari

Park Entrance Fees

Entrance fees to Tanzania’s national parks are determined by the Tanzanian authority known as Tanzania National Parks. There are different rates for residents and non-residents.


The usual photographing consumables are readily available in most places throughout Tanzania. However, they may be a bit expensive than in your country. It may be wiser to bring along enough supplies. You may also consider bringing along extra batteries and even a back up camera in case the first one fails you. Carry a dust-proof case for camera equipment. Some safari organizations provide bean bags as camera rests.

While traveling in Tanzania you may NOT take photos of the following places; airports, military or police installations, policemen and military personnel in uniform, the President or government minister and their entourage, the national flag, the State house/state lodges, prisons, prisoners, individuals without their consent, etc. It is always advisable to ask someone before taking his or her photograph. Ask your guide for guidance.

Safety and Security

Tanzania is a relatively safe country in comparison with the other countries in the east African region. However travelers should still take the normal precautions that would apply to them when they travel anywhere. Keep a close watch of personal items like wallets, cameras, handbags. Keep a small amount of cash separate from your other money so that you do not need to pull out a large wad of bills for making purchases. Avoid narrow, isolated streets and use taxis between places you are not familiar with. Walking alone at night is not wise. All valuables should be placed in the hotel safety deposit box and only carry small amounts of cash. Do not wear flashy jewellery or valuables that bring attention to yourself. Do not leave valuables on show in an unattended car or tour bus. Do not leave your vehicle unlocked.


Most of the times you will visit in Tanzania and while on your safari, will have shops where you can buy traditional and modern jewellery. Travelers will also find wood carvings, sculptures, baskets and bags, safari attire, Khangas and kikois, among many other items like the precious stones Tanzanite. Bargaining is normal in Tanzania, and is expected by most sellers, except in a limited number of fixed-price shops.


The international country code for Tanzania is +255, followed by the area code prefix. If you are calling from Tanzania to the rest of the world, the access code is 11.

Most of the major towns in Tanzania have direct dialing facilities and several public call boxes can be found in the main towns.

Cellular phone covering is widespread and covers most of the country. Most of the hotels and lodges in Tanzania have either a conventional telephone or a satellite phone and it is possible to make international calls while on safari. Major towns in Tanzania also have business centers offering email and Internet access.

Time zone

Tanzania time is GMT + 3 hours.

Guideline for Tipping

Tipping in Tanzania is not practiced in small local establishments, especially out of big cities. In major cities tips may be expected. If you are satisfied with the service you may give the waiter a 10% of the cost which is standard. On trek and safari is normal to tip drivers, guides, porters and other personnel if they provide you with good services. A guideline for each traveler would be as follows: Porters at the airports, hotels, lodges, etc. – US$ 1 per porter; In restaurants – approximately 10% of your bill; and Safari drivers and guides US$5 per person per day.

Tanzania Diplomatic Missions


Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania

P.O. Box 1077

Addis Ababa


Tel. (251-1) 518155, Direct Line: (251-1) 511063 Fax: (251-1) 517358,

E-mail: tz@telecom.net.et

Accreditation to: Ethiopia, Organisation of African Unity (OAU),

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), Eritrea, Djibouti and Yemen


Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania

No.53 Dong Liu

San Li Tun



Tel.: (86-10) 65322344, (86-10) 65321719, (86-10)65325572, Fax (86-10)

5321695, (86-10) 65322394

E-mail: tzbeijing@iuol.cn.net or tzbeijing@info.ioul.cn.net

Accreditation to: People’s Republic of China, Thailand, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cambodia,Vietnam, Laos and Mongolia

The Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania

Eschenallee 11

14050 Berlin (Charlottenburg, Westend)


E-mail: info@tanzania-gov.de This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Telephone:  +49 (0)30-3030800

Fax: +49 (0)30-30308020


363 Avenue Louise, 11050 Brussels


Tel: (32-2) 6406500-27, (32-2) 64764749,

Fax: (32-2) 6468026

E-mail: tanzania@skynet.be

Accreditation to: Belgium, Luxemborg, The Netherlands, European Union

and ACP/EU


11 Abou Karamat



Tel (20-2) 3374155/337486/3457559

Fax (20-2) 3457559

E-mail; tanrepcairo@infinity.com.eg

Accreditation to: Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Palestina, Libya, Iraq and Syria


47 Avenue Blanc, CH 1201 Geneva,


Tel: (41-22) 7318920/7323752/ 7319461/ 7328255 Fax: (41-22) 7328255

E-mail:  mission.tanzania@itu.ch

Accreditation to: UN Offices in Geneva and Vienna


High Commission for the United Republic of Tanzania

Ujamaa House, 23 Baines Avenue

Harare, P.O.Box 4841


Tel: (263-4) 721870/722627

Fax:  (263)724172

Email.  tanrep@icon.co.zw

Accreditation to: Zimbabwe and Mauritius


6 Kagera Road

P.O.Box 5750



Tel: (006-41) 256272/257357/342306

Fax (006-41) 343973/075-787838

E-mail : tzrepkla@imul.com

Accreditation to: Uganda and Burundi


Boulevard de L`


Telecom House

Block C 2nd Floor

Cacyiru B.P. 3973



E-mail ; tanzarep@rwandatel1.rwanda1

Accreditation to Rwanda only


142 Boulevard 30 Jin B.P.1612



Tel 34364

Accreditation to: Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon,

Central African Republic, Cameroon, and Congo-Brazaville


8 Agoro Odiyan Street, Victoria Island

P.O. Box 6417



Tel: (00234-1) 613604

Fax: (00234-1) 610016/618908

Accreditation to Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Cote d`Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, and ADB


43 Heartford Street, London W1Y 8DB

Tel: (44-207) 4998951/ 4993627

Fax: (44-207) 4993627

E-mail; tanzarep@tanzarep.demon.co.uk

Balozi:  balozi@tanzarep.demon.co.uk

Trade Centre UK:  Trade+Tourism@tanzania-online.gov.uk

Accreditation to: United Kingdom, Ireland and Commonwealth


Ujamaa House, No. 4200,

United Nations Avenue,

P.O. Box 31219, 10101 Lusaka,


Tel. (260-1) 243222-4, 250826

Fax (260-01) 254861

E-mail- tzreplsk@zamnet.zm

Accreditation to: Zambia, Angola, Malawi, Sao Tome and Principe


Ujamaa House,

P.O. Box 4515



Tel: (258-1) 490110-3, 491165

Fax: (258-1) 494782

E-mail: ujamaa@zebra.eum.mz

Accreditation to: Mozambique, Swaziland, Comoros and Madagascar


Pyatniskaya, Ulitsa 33



Tel (7-095) 9538221, 9530940, 9566130, 9534975, 2349045

Fax: (7-095) 9566130

E-mail; tzmos@wm.west.call.com, Accreditation to: Russia, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine


Taifa Road

Re-insurance Plaza, 9th Floor

P.O. Box 47790



Tel: (005-2) 331056-7, 331104 , 218269

Fax (005-2) 218269

E-mail:  tanzania@user.africaonline.co.ke

Accreditation to: Kenya, Sudan, Seychelles, Somalia,



10/1 Sav Priya Vihar

New Delhi 110016


Tel: (91-11) 6853046-7, 6968409, 6968406-7

Fax: (91-11) 6968410

(Accreditation to: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar


205 East 42nd St.

NY 10017,

New York,


Tel.  (1-212) 9729160,9729123

Fax: (1-212) 6825232


Accreditation to: UN and its specialized agencies UNDP, NICEF, UNFPA, Jamaica, Trinida and Tobago, Barbados and Guyana


50 Range Road Ottawa

Ontario K1N 8J4


Tel: (1-613) 2321509, 7331349

Fax: (1-613) 2325184


Accreditation to: Canada and Cuba


13 Av. Raymond, Poinacare

75116 Paris,


Tel: (33-1)53706368, 53706369,53706370

Fax  (33-1) 47550546.

E-mail: tanzanie@infonie.fr

Accreditation to: France, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and UNESCO


845 Goont Avenue

P.O. Box 56572, Arcadia

Pretoria 0007

South Africa

Tel: (012) 3424371-93, 3426378-9, 3424562

Fax: (012) 4304383

E-mail; tanzania@cis.co.za

Accreditation to: South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana and SADC


P.O. Box 94320, Riyadh 11693

Saudi Arabia

Tel. (966-1) 4542833, 4549660

Fax: (966-1) 4565361

E-mail: tzriyad@deltasa.com  or Nhende@deltasa.com

Accreditation to: Saudi Arabia, Oman, U.A.E, Pakistan, Iran, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait


Embassy of the Unite Republic of Tanzania

Via Cesare, Beccaria 88

00196 Rome,


Tel: (39-6) 36005234, 32651471,

Fax (39-6) 3216611

E-mail: tanzarep@pcg.it

Accreditation to: Italy, Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia, Croatia,

Slovenia, Bosnia- Herzegovena, Serbia, Turkey, FAO, IFAD and WFP.


Oxtorgsgatan 2-4, Box 7255, 103-89



Tel. (46-8) 244870, 203526

Fax (46-8) 109815, 203526

E-Mail: mailbox@tanemb.se

Accreditation to: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland,

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


21-9, Kamiyoga 4, Chome Setagaua-Ku

Tokyo 158


Tel.(81-3) 34254531-3, 34284227

Fax: (81-3) 34257844,

E-mail; Tancon@user.africaoline.co.ke

Accreditation to Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Australia


2139 R, Str, NW.

Washington D.C.

200008 U.S.A

Tel: (1-202) 8841080, 8841082

Fax: (1-202) 7977408

E-mail: Balozi@ tanzaniaembassy-us.org

Accreditation to: USA, World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela.


Tel: (971-4) 2957770, 2957600

Fax: (971-4) 2957266

Tanzania’s Honorary Consulates Abroad

The Honorary Consulate of Tanzania in Osaka

C/0 Konoike Building,

3-6-1 Kita-Kyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi

541 Japan

Tel: 81-6-241-6780

Fax; 81-6-244-3692

The Honorary Consulate of Tanzania in Seoul

C/O Hyundai Corporation

Hyundai Building 2F

140-2, Kye – dong Chrongro-ku, Seol 110-793

Republic of Korea

Tel: 82-2-7446-1172

Fax: 82-2-746-1093

The Honorary Consulate of Tanzania in Perth

West Australia

C/o Murcia and Associates

Barristers and Solocitors

Level 25, QVI Building

250 St Feorge’s Terrace, Perth, Western Australia 6000

Tel: 61-8-9322-6223

Fax: 61-8-9322-6522

The Honorary Consulate of Tanzania in Sydney

C/o Denes Ebner Lawyers

32A Oxford Street, Sydney 21010 Australia


Fax: 61-2-9332-3902

The Honorary Consulate of Tanzania in Manila

c/o Inter- Travel & Tour,Inc

657 San Andres Street, Malate, Manila 1004


Tel 63-2-253-2207

Fax 63-2-521-6498

The Honorary Consulate of Tanzania  in Turkey

Min Kemal Oke CADDESI No. 10/4

80 200 Nisantasi

Istambul TURKEY

Fax 90 (212) 2345679

The Honorary Consulate of Tanzania in HongKong

Ground Floor to Third Floor

MOHANS’ Building


Tel. (852) 2369 1188

Fax (852) 27230483

The Honorary Consulate of Tanzania in Bangladesh

53/2 dit Extension ROAD

Naya Polton, Dhaka – 1000,

P.O. Box –GPO 3444 Dhaka


Tel – 8802-836203, 419299, 413997

8802 – 83 2911

E Mail Interact@bangla.net

The Honorary Consulate of Tanzania in Denmark

Klintebjerg vej 105

5450 Otterup, Denmark

Tel No. +45 6482 2702

Mobile +45 4029 1957

Fax: + 45 6482 2157

E Mail ANNI@POST 7.tele.dk

The Honorary Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania in Luanda – Angola


Fax 244 – 2 – 331831

E-Mail – 104663. 1074@ COMPUSERVE.COM

The Honorary Consulate of the United Republic of  Tanzania in Germany

Normannenweg 17-21

20537 Hamburg/Germany

The Honorary Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania in Netherlands

H.A. Van Karnebeeklaan 46

1181 XH amstelveen

Tel. 020 6416060

Fax 31 1803 19158

The Honorary Consulate of The United Republic of Tanzania in France

5, Av. Raymond FE’RAND – 06200


The Honorary Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania in Oman

P.O. Box 3489, RUWI

Postal Code 112


Tel. 00 968 607055

Fax 00 968 600970

The Honorary Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania in South Korea

428 Okusu Dong


The Honorary Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania in Thailand

S.L.D. Condominium

3rdFL, 501 Saladaeng 1,



Tel. 235 8282 – 3/235 – 8131 – 238 – 5100

Fax (662) 236 – 1977

The Honorary Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania in Milan

Via Santa Sofia 12, 20012 Milan, Italy

Tel: 0039- 258307126.

Fax: 0039-6-58307299

The Honorary Consulate of the United Republic of Tanzania in Turkey

Mini Kemal Oke Caddeasi

No 10/4,

80200 Nisantasi, Istanbull, Turkey

Tel 0090-212-2466142 or 2477261

Fax. 0090-212-2345679.